The Holistic Practitioner Podcast: Connection Between Travel & Chronic Digestive Issues

Last week I spoke with Stephen Anderson from The Holistic Practitioner Podcast about the connection between travel health & chronic digestive issues.

The Holistic Practitioner is a weekly podcast that interviews healthcare professionals that have a holistic perspective on health. The show covers a range of issues from running a health care practice through to the treatment and management of certain health conditions. Stephen was kind enough to invite me onto his show to talk about all things travel health and chronic digestive conditions.


What are we talking about?

In the episode, we talk a bit about my story / downward spiral after food poisoning in Africa and my long journey to heal my gut and overall health. We also cover the work I do now with women with chronic digestive conditions and the common connection with previous overseas travel. But most importantly, we talk about prep you can do leading up to a trip, what to do to avoid getting sick while travelling, what to do if you do get sick, and how to return to full health once you get home.

 If you enjoy listening to podcasts then definitely check out Stephen's show on iTunes and keep up to date with the latest in the holistic health space.

Show notes / timings

For those short on time, here's a few references on where to find certain topics we covered:

0:52 – How Bella became a health consultant

3:43 – What was the timeframe from the food poisoning event to your health deteriorating significantly?

5:59 – What dietary changes did you make to try and recover your health?

15:25 – The diet that worked best for Bella when she was really unwell with a lot of digestive discomforts

19:16 – After recovering her health Bella studied Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

21:40 – The Travel Belly Bible

22:09 – Preparing to visit a developing country

30:35 – Steps to take to prevent getting sick and what to do if you do

32:35 – What symptoms you should look out for after returning from a trip and what to do if you are not feeling well

39:17 – What the process of working with Bella looks like