Constipation is the most common symptom we see in out clinic and can be related to a whole range of underlying root causes. With our own personal history of constipation and because a large portion of our clients come to us to deal with chronic constipation and its many root causes, we have written a series of articles on constipation that cover:

  • The most common root causes of constipation

  • Foods for (temporary) constipation relief

  • Side effects of constipation

  • Common constipation mistakes to avoid

  • A guide to constipation-causing methane SIBO

If you are looking to educate yourself about constipation or want to know our general approach to working with clients who experience constipation, please read the following detailed blog posts to learn more.

Constipation Blog Posts

Constipation Root Causes.png

Root Causes of Constipation

Chronic constipation always has a root cause, so:
> What’s wrong with the definitions of IBS-C and Functional Constipation?
> What’s the difference between a symptom and a root cause?
> The top 3 constipation root causes that your doctor probably isn’t testing for
> Why you need to test for your root causes before you can properly heal

Foods for constipation relief.png

Foods for Constipation Relief

Diet can be an important intervention, which means it’s helpful to understand :
> How foods can provide constipation relief via three different mechanisms
> The most scientifically proven foods for constipation relief
> Why dietary laxatives aren’t a long-term solution

Side Effects of Constipation.png

Side Effects of Constipation

Why constipation is a HUGE health risk that you need to clear out ASAP, including:
> What exactly is constipation?
> How chronic constipation can wreak havoc with your health
> 10 side effects of constipation

Constipation Mistakes.png

Constipation mistakes

Having healed my own constipation as well as for countless others, we’ve made and seen almost every mistake under the sun when it comes to chronic constipation. We’re all human, after all. But, if you are new to this journey, we want to help you learn from the experiences of those who’ve come before you and avoid some of the many pitfalls on the road ahead.

Methane SIBO Constipation.png

Methane SIBO and Constipation

An additional guide about this unique form of SIBO, outlining:
> Why methane SIBO is different
> The methane SIBO and constipation connection
> Testing for methane SIBO
> Methane SIBO treatment

If you’re looking to work with a team of constipation experts, we’re here to help.