The Constipation Masterclass by Bella Lindemann

From constipation to control without the need for consultations.

Stop feeling stuck and learn to get things moving for yourself.

I created this course for the constipation sufferer I was ten years ago. Which means I know how you feel if:

  • You feel toxic and sluggish all the time.

  • Despite improving your diet and regularly exercising, your constipation hasn’t shifted.

  • Home remedies for constipation haven’t been the answer you had hoped for.

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting information on different forums and blogs.

  • Even after all these years and everything you’ve tried, you still feel stuck in the cycle of constipation.

It’s time for a change. But how?

As someone who has overcome a lifetime of constipation, helped hundreds of clients one-on-one and thousands more via the introduction e-guide, I’m here to help you too. I’ve created a constipation-clearing framework that includes ten elements that need to be addressed when clearing stubborn cases of chronic constipation. Together we will work through each element and I’ll share everything I’ve learnt through research and study as well as personal and clinical experience to help you get things moving.

Take control of your constipation

The first step in moving beyond a life of constipation is to take back control. Once we can reset the system, we can start to lay the foundations for sustainable and regular bowel motions. My goal is to give you all the tools you need to take control of your constipation and give your body the space it needs to re-energize motility pathways (with a little bit of help!) and return to regular programming.

Here’s What We’ll Cover… 

  • The constipation framework we use in our clinic as a step-by-step guide to clear constipation.

  • The role of diet in constipation as well as foods to add and limit to facilitate regular bowel motions.

  • The different types of stress that can exacerbate constipation as well as techniques to address digestive stress, rest and exercises for constipation.

  • Strategies for addressing motility in both the small and large intestine, including supplement options, breathing exercises and vagal tone brain training approaches.

  • How to support digestion to improve GI function and lay the foundation for staying regular.

  • Using advanced supplementation to clear out constipation in chronic cases, including product recommendations.

  • The importance of the microbiome, including specific probiotic strains to address motility and constipation.

  • A step-by-step guide on how to use flushes to reset the system and allow other more sustainable strategies to work.

  • When and how to dig deeper for the most common functional root causes of constipation in a targeted way.


Constipated for almost 30 years! 

A snapshot of me struggling to do life with chronic constipation!

A snapshot of me struggling to do life with chronic constipation!

As a chronic constipation sufferer for almost 30 years, I know how frustrating it can be striving for the perfect (or any!) poop each day.

But for me, there was a clear turning point where I realised that diet and exercise alone were NOT working or fixing my constipation (or the unexplained weight gain, bad skin, bloating, stomach pains, gas, and debilitating fatigue). I had seen countless health practitioners and tried antibiotics, random herbs, low carb/fermentable diets, cardio, weights and HIIT training. You name it, I had tried it. Despite my best efforts, I was still constipated, felt horrible and was getting more and more symptomatic.

And throughout my own healing journey I realised that I wasn’t the only one suffering, that there were so many other women and men who had fallen silently through the cracks and needed the help I had (finally) received from a Functional Nutritionist. This is what kick-started my passion for clearing the world of constipation. So far we’ve been able to help over 8,000 people get things moving through our e-guides and clinic consultations and hopefully with this course we can help even more of those currently suffering.


Take a Peek Inside The Constipation Masterclass


Module 1:

ANTI-constipation diet

Learn about how to tailor your diet to include foods with laxative effects and to limit constipation-causing inflammatory foods.


Module 2:

BOWEL MOVING supplements

An introduction to supplements that will kick-start bowel motions and others that support digestion and a proper functioning digestive system.


Module 3:

Stressors, rest & exercise

Discover the role of stress in constipation and learn strategies for improved rest, stress reduction and constipation-friendly exercises.


Module 4:

Feeding your microbiome

Understand the role of your microbiome in regulating constipation and learn how to use food and supplements to grow a pro-motility microbiome.


Module 5:

motility and flushing

Learn advanced interventions that target motility in the small and large intestine as well as step-by-step guides to colon flushing strategies.


Module 6:

root causes of constipation

Discover the most common causes of recurring and chronic constipation as well as when and how to dig deeper when other strategies are unresponsive.

Bella gave me a way to control my symptoms that had been controlling me for as long as I can remember.
— Emily (Victoria, Australia)
I commenced my programme in February and by November, I was a new person!!
— Susie (London, UK)
You gave me my power back and I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me
— Melissa (Alice Springs, Australia)
Bella’s ability to clearly map out the path to healing gave me both confidence it would work and that it could be achieved.
— Tessa (NSW, Australia)
Thank you Bella, you’ve given me my life back that I didn’t think would ever happen again... it was all worth it to feel like me again.
— Esther (South Island, New Zealand)
Bella is highly educated, vigilant of new science & research, and impressively organized in the tools she puts together to guide you.
— Kelly (New York, USA)

Our offer to you

  1. 6 modules, 40 videos and over 5 hours of content from Functional Nutritionist and constipation expert, Bella Lindemann [value $1,194]

  2. Downloadable presentations and transcripts of every lesson in PDF format [value $249]

  3. 20 printable handouts and worksheets in PDF format [$199]

  4. Paleo Meal Plan for Gut Healing by Bella Lindemann [$15]

Total Value: $1,657
Your Investment: $497

After I Sign Up… What’s Next?

  • Click any of the ‘Enrol in the course’ buttons once enrolment is open and complete your payment via Teachable - all major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

  • You'll receive a confirmation email along with the login to your course page.

  • Class begins whenever you’d like to start. You’ll have access to ALL the modules from day one, 24/7 wherever you have wifi!

 The Constipation Masterclass might NOT be for you IF:

  • You’re looking for personalized recommendations and one-on-one support. This is a DIY course and does not include working with a practitioner or email support.

  • Your constipation doesn’t bother you or impact your life in a negative way. This course is targeted at those with chronic constipation who are looking for more advanced strategies to get things moving.

  • You’re hoping to address symptoms other than constipation. We dive deep on constipation and while these strategies might help with other symptoms, that’s not the focus of the course.


  • Have been struggling with constipation for years (or decades).

  • Find that your work, life or relationships are suffering because of your symptoms.

  • Don’t have the budget or access to a practitioner specializing in constipation.

  • Want to try advanced strategies for constipation before spending money on more lab tests.


 Some A’s for your Q’s!

Is it live and do I have to keep up week-to-week?

No, all of our 6 modules are pre-recorded for you to watch (and implement!) when it works for you. This means you can also rewatch the videos as many times as you would like.

How much time does it take?

The masterclass is about 10 hours worth of support and training. You will also want to account for time implementing some of the protocols as well.

What if I need more help?

If after Module 5 you feel like you need more support, we cover the when and how to dig deeper for root causes with a trained practitioner in Module 6. This masterclass does not include any personalized, tailored or additional practitioner support via consultations or email.

Is the course suitable for children?

The content within The Constipation Masterclass is only suitable for adults aged over 18 years.

 Are you ready to take back control of your gut and kick constipation to the curb?

Then you know what to do…