Professional bio - Mark Solomon

Mark is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner with over 6 years of consulting experience. Having studied a plethora of healing avenues, both conventional and progressive at University and in the decade since, he has an abundance of knowledge as well as a fierce passion for helping those suffering from chronic health issues to find their way to health and wellbeing.

In recent years, Mark’s practice has increasingly focused on gut health as the root of most chronic health symptoms. Mark currently specializes in functional and natural approaches to IBS, chronic digestive conditions, SIBO, intestinal parasite eradication and numerous gut health restoration practices.

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My personal health journey

My own healing journey began like so many of my clients; the suffering of mysterious health symptoms, the source of which no doctor could seem to identify nor mend. Going from clinic to clinic and physician to physician, only seemed to make things worse, with failed treatments and an increasing sense of stress and despair which only exacerbated my symptoms.

After seeing more doctors than I could count (seriously, I lost count), I finally decided to take control of my own health and life by voraciously exploring and studying every healing avenue I could find. What started as a personal journey, soon turned into a professional one as I realised I was far from the only one suffering and unable to find the support needed.

Formalizing my knowledge and taking my practice to an advanced level with the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification program, gave me the skills to address my own health challenges and those of others suffering from GI imbalances and chronic illness.

I currently live in Boulder, Colorado in the United States, a center of progressive health research and practice. As such, I am privileged to have access to consistent education around the most cutting edge and effective health technologies available. I’m fortunate to be working closely with Bella and The Functional Gut Health Clinic team and love teaching people how to take control of their lives and health through natural and holistic approaches to chronic illness.

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“I’m extremely grateful to have a practitioner as knowledgeable, empathetic, and intuitive as Mark on our team. When expanding our practice to include male clients, I was thrilled to find someone so passionate about gut health that had the elusive combination of university education, functional health training and experience working with clients online, and couldn’t be happier with how Mark has enhanced our clinic.”

Bella Lindemann (Founder of The Functional Gut Health Clinic)


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