Client stories and testimonials
“I want to give a big recommendation to Bella Lindemann if you need to work out why you have any number of these symptoms; you’re tired, you eat well and exercise but can’t shift the kilo’s, you have brain fog, acne, indigestion and fatigue to name a few. I have been personally working with her to help me and while I still have progress to make the difference so far has been excellent. She is super flexible with her times and has online consultations so you don’t need to travel. Feeling stuck with your food and symptoms…. get in contact via her website.”


Shannon (NSW, Australia)

“I became unwell over a period of about 3 years. My journey first started with high levels of stress at work which unbeknown to me showed up as skin rashes, significant bloating, stomach cramps after eating, constipation and my energy levels were on the decline. I sought help through an environmental GP who diagnosed me with 7 food intolerances. His only advice was to follow a very restricted diet for what would probably be the rest of my life. This definitely helped in the short term but after 2 years of avoiding all my intolerable foods I still didn’t feel 100% better. In fact I had a new swag of seemingly unrelated conditions to add to my basket – anxiety, late onset adult acne, no periods, ongoing digestive issues and constipation, no libido, night sweats, insomnia, zero energy and difficulty losing weight.


I had tried a restricted diet (cut out all intolerable foods), I quit sugar diet, taking a swag of different supplements, colonoscopy, endoscopy, eating paleo, working with a naturopath and intensive exercise programs. None of which made me feel any better. My biggest fears were continuing on a restricted diet forever and that I wasn’t ever really going to work out what was wrong with me and that it was all in my head.


The first thing I learned through working with Bella and truly appreciated was that it wasn’t all in my head. My friends and partner had labelled me a hypochondriac and had become incredibly frustrated with me. Hearing Bella share her own story made me realise I wasn’t the only one with the issues and that healing was possible. Bella very clearly and accurately explained all the body’s processes that had lead to me feeling the way I was. She showed me how things were linked and the true root causes of my illness. This was the first practitioner that I had been to who looked at me holistically and didn’t just treat one of my symptoms.


Bella’s understanding and empathy right from the start of our journey is what truly made a difference for me. Before I met Bella, I was at rock bottom and I was beginning to think I just had to accept my broken body and that was life. I had been to the best endocrinologists, naturopaths, psychologists and GPs, none of which truly understood what I was going through nor gave me the empathy that Bella did.


My biggest changes to date are that my energy is back!! It took some time, hard work and a lot of patience but with Bella’s support and guidance I finally feel like I can make it through one whole day without a nap. My digestive issues have eased, bloating is now a rare occurrence not a daily struggle, my lady hormones are back in balance and I am significantly less anxious.


Bella’s ability to clearly map out the path to healing gave me both confidence it would work and that it could be achieved. She is an incredibly caring individual that has the perfect combination of empathy and intelligence to truly make a difference in people’s lives – I would most definitely recommend Bella’s services.”


Tessa (NSW, Australia)

“I first started having digestion / stomach issues when I was 17 and my Granny chalked it up to me being a “nervous” person! I basically started with constant pain and cramping, feeling sick and no real appetite for eating. During the next 10 years, I was tested for everything under the sun with no real diagnosis or comfort with one doctor saying that, given I was a young female in her early twenties that it was all in my mind.
Finally, at 27 I was “diagnosed” with IBS – what they diagnose you with when you have nothing else medically wrong with you. By this time, I was feeling sick all the time, cramping with no relief, fatigued and generally not eating. I ended up have a phobia of food as I was so afraid of being sick after eating and I also had issues going out socially – again, fear of being sick / feeling sick after eating or drinking. I pretty much only ate small tins of soup, plain potatoes and olives.

I managed to get myself to a point where I started eating again and just lived with feeling sick all the time as, after a while, you just get use to not feeling well and being tired all the time.

I met Bella while travelling in Turkey and continued our friendship when I moved to London. We had a strange bond linked to our digestive issues and I jumped at the chance for her to help me after understanding her methodology and approach. I commenced my programme in February 2016 and by November 2016, I was a new person!! I no longer feel sick, am not afraid of eating out, my fatigue levels have improved and am generally feel so much better! The programme was challenging at times particularly during the die off phase as I had a parasite but Bella’s reassuring calls helped me through it. I was on an intensive course of supplements but, once you get into a routine, they become part of your everyday. Importantly, Bella clearly explains why you are taking each supplement and what you can expect in terms of side effects. Generally, I had no issues. Unlike other alternative therapies, a huge positive from my perspective was the progressive introduction of the supplements as opposed to taking them all at once like others recommend. I had never experienced this before and can honestly say, it makes the whole process so much easier on you both mentally and physically.

Bella’s enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication to helping you feel better and get to the root cause, is something to be experienced. Her approach is one of caring and genuine concern but, importantly, one of understanding. As a client, knowing Bella has experienced digestive issues herself and has also personally tested a number of treatments she recommends, made the process so much better as she can give you honest feedback on how she found the experience / side effects etc. She was always available to me even though the time zones are difficult as I live in London. I can’t thank Bella enough as she has honestly made my life so much better it’s hard to put into words how I feel. Not only is she a good friend but she has become my healer!!


Susie (London, UK)

“I have never been fat but I had always had this layer around my middle that wouldn’t shift. On top of all that I had always suffered from chronic constipation my whole life. It was ‘normal’ for me and I didn’t worry about it too much. I had heard from Bella about seriously looking into my diet especially my sugar addiction but had been slow to act. Then, after eating out with friends I had a disastrous day of bloating and gas that was so bad – in a public museum – that I knew I had to take my diet more seriously. Since then I discovered a candida overgrowth, food sensitivities and hormone imbalances. And dragging my husband along for the ride discovered parasites, candida, food sensitivities and hormone imbalances in him as well!


Fast forward 6 months and we are like new kids! Bella was patient and generous with her time. She took the route we wanted to take, in our case full on with full testing, diet changes, supplements, the lot. I wanted to be well, and now I am. Oh, and that persistent middle layer is gone, along with my constipation. Who would have thought?


We now live in Arizona, but the distance hasn’t been an issue. Lucky we all have FaceTime! I would love to recommend Bella to anyone who is having gut issues – and I have. “


Cath (Arizona, USA)

“After a very stressful year I started to feel unwell with occasional abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhoea. I decided to take an overseas holiday to see friends and have a rest. While I was there I contacted a stomach bug, but after a few days I felt ok again. I wasn’t home long and my occasional stomach symptoms became daily and very severe where I couldn’t leave the house.


My GP did a few tests and then sent me on to a gastro specialist, and after three months of tests and scans he found no abnormalities. On my last visit he said I had IBS and gave me advice on how to treat the symptoms with different drugs and other over the counter medication. I felt very alone and a little confused.


I decided IBS was not going to be my life, so I started my own research and I came across Bella Lindemann’s website and I knew she was who I needed to help me.


Bella was excellent. She has so much knowledge about digestive health and how to heal my gut. I phoned her and we started with a few tests and when she had the results back she talked me through the whole process of a natural healing protocol. Bella provided me with a tailor-made plan, resources, assistance and email support throughout my healing journey.
I cannot thank her enough for helping me get my life back. I would highly recommend Bella to anyone needing digestive help.”


Jen (QLD, Australia)