Bondi Sydney Healthy Eats – Gut-friendly Edition

The only thing more daunting than eating out, if you have food sensitivities or IBS, is eating out in a foreign city. But, if you are heading to Sydney, I’ve got you covered. After lots of menu research and plenty of taste-testing, here are four of my favourite gut and allergy-friendly places to eat while exploring this beautiful part of the world.

Whenever we travel, I do some research and choose restaurants, cafes and grocery stores to try out that are in line with my current gut-friendly way of eating. This means I start with a google search screener of all the organic options close to where we will be, then go onto menu perusing from there. Most organic places focus on healthy, wholefoods and cater to dietary needs. Vegan places that offer gluten free options are also great, as well as paleo cafes/restaurants.

Sydney has a huge number of awesome offerings, so we focussed on our fave places around Bondi because we spent the most time here and they have a great selection for the IBS sufferer. All of the places we went to were affordable and easy to access by public transport.

My top 4 Bondi venues for breakfast, lunch and dinner:


1. I’m starting with my favourite, BONDI WHOLEFOODS, Bondi Beach


The cafe at Bondi Wholefoods was by far my favourite place for breakfast and lunch. Their all organic menu is huge and they are so happy to make any adjustments to their meals to accommodate dietary needs. My obsession with turmeric latte’s started here but I’ll save that for another blog. There were heaps of gluten free, dairy free, vegan and sugar free options on the menu that could be crafted to match differing food sensitivities.

I had the GF granola, mixed fruit salad and coconut yoghurt for breakfast and my husband feasted on the work-of-art pancakes (pictured). They were covered with delicious fruits, maple syrup, chia jam and chocolate coconut ice-cream.

Sydney Healthy Bondi Wholefoods 1Sydney Healthy Bondi Wholefoods 2









2. HENLEY’S WHOLEFOODS, Bondi Junction


Henley’s Wholefoods is attached to a gym so there were lots of healthy gym peeps grabbing a post-workout lunch when we visited. The menu is really quirky and creative and they cater for the full spectrum of dietary requirements. The staff are also really happy to make modifications to your meal.

I sampled the pumpkin and hazelnut bread, topped with zucchini slices, smoked salmon and coconut yogurt. My husband had the paleo shepherd’s pie with a side of the most delicious sweet potato wedges – go here just for these.

Sydney Healthy Henleys Wholefoods 1Sydney Healthy Henleys Wholefoods 2









3. PALEO CAFE, Bondi Junction


Paleo cafe is in the same complex as Henley’s Wholefoods and a great place for an organic paleo lunch. A special mention goes to their turmeric latte – divine! We enjoyed the chicken schnitzel and paleo BLT with avocado. Healthy microwavable freezer meals are also available – something that might be a convenient option at another time for anyone with a busy schedule.

Sydney Healthy Paleo Cafe 1

Sydney Healthy Paleo Cafe 2









4. EARTH TO TABLE, Bondi Junction


The best desserts in Sydney, in my opinion, can be found at Earth to Table. This raw, vegan cafe has a massive selection in the counter at the front of the store that will have you drooling once you lay eyes on their mouthwatering selection. As always, I had the carrot cake and sampled their organic raspberry and chocolate mousse torte. I wish we could have visited daily, but the times we did were pure bliss.

As far as my search for the best allergy friendly carrot cake in the world goes, this one was probably top 3. Watch out though, Earth to Table are not open Mondays and Tuesdays – don’t get caught out like I did!

Sydney Healthy Earth Table 1

Sydney Healthy Earth Table 2









Other notable mentions:


GRILL’D, Bondi Junction: I really wanted to mention Grill’d here because this chain restaurant are doing a really good job of bringing us locally sourced, high quality fast-food that works well for a low-FODMAP or allergy friendly diet follower.

ABOUT LIFE, Bondi Junction: When we are travelling, I like to know there is an organic grocer that we can visit if I need emergency chocolate, or other less important things like fresh vegetables, coconut milk, etc. About Life have a few stores around Sydney and the selection of organic products at their Bondi Junction store was incredible. You name it, I’m sure they have it. Keep this place in your arsenal if you’re doing the apartment/AirBnB thing and are looking for supplies to make a self-cooked meal.


So next time you are on holidays and finish your morning swim at Bondi beach, head to any of these great locations for an IBS-friendly meal that won’t wreck the rest of your day.

Is there anywhere else you have been in Sydney or surrounds that cater to IBS diets such as low-FODMAP, SCD, GAPS, etc? If you have found a gem, please let me know so I can check it out next time we are in Sydney.


Bella Lindemann

Bella is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner who specialises in working with women with gut infections and associated chronic digestive complaints, fatigue and food sensitivities.

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