Professional bio - Mikaela Mason

Mikaela is a Clinical Nutritionist with training in functional health testing and a special interest in gut health and digestive disorders. Her clinical practice also includes working with hormone and thyroid health, mental health and metabolic conditions such as diabetes.

With a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine and a Master’s in Public Health Nutrition, Mikaela is extremely well qualified to educate and empower her clients to understand the root cause of their health challenges, get their health back on track and to become the healthiest possible version of themselves.

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“Thank you so much. I’d had moments of true despair, however now as my symptoms abate and my energy returns I'm overwhelmed by how fortunate I am to have found you. I now know that not only am I going to get back to a varied diet but I will be a Phoenix from the ashes with infinitely better dietary habits. For this I will never be able to thank you enough.”

Emma (Kentucky, USA)

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My personal health journey

My own personal health journey, having suffered with polycystic ovarian syndrome coupled with digestive issues and anxiety for many years, is what inspired me to be become a dedicated and understanding health practitioner. Despite being told over and over again that there was nothing I could do to improve my conditions, experiencing the healing power of nutrition is what inspired me to further my studies with a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine.

Understanding that there was a root cause for my own conditions and using food and other natural strategies to get my health back on track, is what has made me so passionate about using nature in combination with evidence-based science to achieve optimal wellness.

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“I’m so grateful to have a practitioner as experienced and empathetic as Mikaela on our team. Nothing can compare with the experience and passion inspired by your own health journey and when combined with university education, functional health training and a caseload of success stories, Mikaela really has been the perfect addition to The Functional Gut Health Clinic.”

Bella Lindemann (Founder of The Functional Gut Health Clinic)


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