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As a Certified FDN practitioner with a background in nutrition and science, my specialty is in helping woman identify and heal the underlying root cause of their IBS and other digestive symptoms. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® consultations are designed to bridge the gap between functional medicine and clinical nutrition for clients with imbalances beyond the reach of diet and exercise alone. As a former sufferer myself (read my story here), I also understand the daily struggles of a life with chronic digestive symptoms and the practicalities of what is required to get your health back on track.

Initial Consultation

> Review detailed health history intake questionnaire and previous test results (if applicable) – with this information I am able to prepare thoroughly for our session so that we can make the most of our time.

> Identify and order functional lab tests required (read about the most common tests I order here) as well as develop a detailed plan for preparing and completing testing. All lab testing is provided at wholesale prices where available.

> Create an interim healing protocol, including diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations with a focus on symptom management and supporting systems of the body while we wait for test results.

> Detailed written session notes including recommendations and next steps.

> Duration: 90 minutes

> Cost: AUD$249

Results and Recommendations Consultation

> Review and interpretation of all lab test results.

> Education and written summary about what your results actually mean.

> Unique customised healing protocol based on your test results and previous health history – prepared before, and finalised during your session so that we can make the most of our time together.

> Detailed recommendations on diet, lifestyle strategies and other modalities available to support healing.

> Comprehensive and holistic natural supplement protocol to address any gut infections or overgrowths, as well as GI or other healing opportunities identified through testing.

> Detailed written report with a summary of results, recommendations and next steps.

> Duration: 60 minutes

> Cost: AUD$199

Follow-Up Consultations

> Review progress and any changes in symptoms.

> Refine and update your protocol to reflect where you’re at with your healing journey.

> Ongoing education around the use of diet, lifestyle strategies and supplements.

> Identify and order any additional or follow-up testing as required – always at wholesale prices where available.

> Updated written report with recommendations and next steps.

> Duration: 40 minutes

> Cost: AUD$99

All consultations are completed by video or telephone conference, using Skype, FaceTime or standard voice calls. You can choose your booking time and make payment via my ONLINE BOOKING system. I will ship or courier any test kits or products required as part of your treatment protocol. Lab testing and supplements are an additional cost and paid directly to suppliers – provided at wholesale pricing where possible.

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Q. Do you offer in-person sessions?

A. No. All consultations are completed by video or telephone conference, using Skype, FaceTime or standard voice calls.


Q. Do you work with interstate and overseas clients?

A. Yes. All consultations are done by video or telephone conference, using Skype, FaceTime or standard voice calls. This is the way I communicate with clients living throughout Australia and overseas, including the USA, UK and New Zealand. I also have access to laboratory testing and supplements in these countries. If you currently live outside of these countries, send me an email and I will let you know if we can work together.

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“I want to give a big recommendation to Bella Lindemann if you need to work out why you have any number of these symptoms; you’re tired, you eat well and exercise but can’t shift the kilo’s, you have brain fog, acne, indigestion and fatigue to name a few. I have been personally working with her to help me and while I still have progress to make the difference so far has been excellent. She is super flexible with her times and has online consultations so you don’t need to travel. Feeling stuck with your food and symptoms…. get in contact via her website.”


Shannon (NSW, Australia)


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is a great option if you want to:

>  Discover the root cause problems that are keeping you sick
>  Get access to functional lab testing to uncover the hidden stressors in your body
>  Troubleshoot common problems like gut infections, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances and liver toxicity
>  Look at your body holistically, instead of just chasing symptoms

>  Use natural therapies backed by science instead of synthetic pharmaceutical alternatives

>  Customise your diet and supplements based on a healing protocol for YOUR body

>  Learn to understand the systems of the body and how to take control of your own health

>  Work with someone who has dealt with chronic digestive issues themselves


I work with clients who:

>  Are committed to restoring their health to 100% function

>  Want to learn more about their body so that they can take control of their own health and healing long term

>  Are willing to make the necessary changes and investment required to improve their health

>  Have tried other approaches, conventional or otherwise, that haven’t worked


I don’t work with clients who:

>  Are happy to be dependent on medications or very restrictive diets for life to control their digestive symptoms

>  Feel that making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes are too inconvenient or impossible for them

>  Want a quick fix or magic pill to solve their health problems

>  Aren’t prepared to take responsibility for their own health and healing

Bella is an incredibly caring individual that has the perfect combination of empathy and intelligence to truly make a difference in people’s lives. Before I met Bella, I was at rock bottom and I was beginning to think I just had to accept my broken body and that was life. It took some time, hard work and a lot of patience but with Bella’s support and guidance my energy is back and I finally feel like I can make it through a whole day without a nap. My digestive issues have eased, bloating is now a rare occurrence not a daily struggle, my lady hormones are back in balance and I am significantly less anxious.”


Tessa (NSW, Australia)

I have never been fat but I had always had this layer around my middle that wouldn’t shift. On top of all that I had always suffered from chronic constipation my whole life. It was ‘normal’ for me and I didn’t worry about it too much. I had heard from Bella about seriously looking into my diet especially my sugar addiction but had been slow to act. Then, after eating out with friends I had a disastrous day of bloating and gas that was so bad – in a public museum – that I knew I had to take my diet more seriously. Since then I discovered a candida overgrowth, food sensitivities and hormone imbalances. And dragging my husband along for the ride discovered parasites, candida, food sensitivities and hormone imbalances in him as well!
Fast forward 6 months and we are like new kids! Bella was patient and generous with her time. She took the route we wanted to take, in our case full on with full testing, diet changes, supplements, the lot. I wanted to be well, and now I am. Oh, and that persistent middle layer is gone, along with my constipation. Who would have thought?
We now live in Arizona, but the distance hasn’t been an issue. Lucky we all have FaceTime!
I would love to recommend Bella to anyone who is having gut issues – and I have. 


Cath (Arizona, USA)


Planning a trip? Be prepared. Pre-travel consultations offer a dedicated time to prepare you for any concerns or health risks associated with an upcoming adventure or holiday. During this session, we will:

> Discuss your travel plans and assess the risks associated with regions or countries you will be visiting

> Review your travel and health history as well as your main concerns and health goals

> Educate you on any risks and natural prevention options available for common conditions such as traveller’s diarrhoea, malaria and altitude sickness

> Educate you on ways to self-manage your health during your trip

> Discuss practical strategies around food, water and other choices to reduce the risk of travel illness

> Review current travel warnings and advice for your region of travel


A pre-travel consult is of particular value for anyone with a history of illness or irritable bowel symptoms whilst travelling, which increases your risk of repeat illness. If you plan on visiting a country in the tropics (i.e. in Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America) then a pre-travel consultation is highly recommended.


All consultations are completed by video or telephone conference, using Skype, FaceTime or standard voice calls. Your consultation will last 40 minutes and should be made at least one month before traveling to your destination. You can choose your booking time and make payment via our ONLINE BOOKING system.


Pre-Travel Consultation AUD$99 / 40 minutes

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Travel related illnesses affect up to 50% of travellers to tropical and developing countries. Many of these relate to gastrointestinal (GI) infections associated with food and waterborne pathogens. Most travel related GI infections present themselves during or soon after travel in the form of diarrhoea, constipation or other IBS-type symptoms. However, because of incubation periods with certain bacteria and parasites, some travellers only present with symptoms weeks or months after returning home.


Before your appointment, you will be required to complete a post-travel health questionnaire so that I can better understand your travel history and current health challenges. The focus of a post-travel health consultation will be on determining which, if any, functional lab tests are required to determine the root cause of your condition.


For most clients, this includes a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) to assess the microbiological environment of the gut. It reports on pathogenic (parasites, bacteria and yeast/fungus) and imbalanced colonising organisms, as well as identifying the levels of beneficial flora. Identification of pathogens is strongly associated with IBS, diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating, abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, skin irritations, and recent overseas travel.


All consultations are completed by video or telephone conference, using Skype, FaceTime or standard voice calls. Your initial consultations is 60 minutes, with follow-up appointments to discuss results and recommendations for 60 minutes. Subsequent appointments are 40 minutes to assess progress and make adjustments and further recommendations where necessary.


You can choose your booking time and make payment via our ONLINE BOOKING system. We will ship or courier any test kits or products required as part of your treatment protocol.


Initial Consultation  AUD$199 / 60 minutes

Results and Recommendations Consultation  AUD$199 / 60 minutes

Follow-Up Consultation  AUD$99 / 40 minutes
* Lab testing is an additional cost and paid directly to suppliers. It is provided at wholesale pricing where possible.

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