My Story

Hi there and welcome! I’m really grateful that you’re taking the time to get to know me. I’m telling you my story because, if yours is anything like mine, you’re in the right place and I’m here to help.



The Short Version…


Digestively speaking, I was pretty shitty (pardon the pun) in the past. It probably all started in Africa, almost a decade ago, and things got worse while we were living in London and travelling each month. Like I couldn’t work kinda worse… I’d been seeing different professionals from both conventional medicine and from the holistic health space and it took me about 5 years before I found something that worked and I started to see serious results, using a blend of both traditional lab testing and science-based natural therapies.



More of the Detail…


When Diet and Exercise Stopped Working

Some extra background for those of you who are interested: 2014 was the turning point where I realised that diet and exercise were NOT working or fixing my unexplained weight gain, bad skin, bloating, stomach pains, gas, constipation, debilitating chronic fatigue and brain fog to the point where I struggled to string together sentences. I had tried low calorie, eliminating allergens, vegan, paleo, high calorie, keto, different macro splits, low-FODMAP, SCD, fasting, juice detoxes – everything! I tried cardio, intervals, heavy lifting, HIIT and more. I still felt horrible and I was getting more and more symptomatic.

The 'Energiser Bunny' version of myself who was unstoppable had finally lost her charge.

The Healthiest Sick Person I Knew

I needed solutions and I needed them yesterday! A little dramatic but I’m sure you understand – when you are the healthiest person you know, in terms of diet and exercise, and one of the sickest people you know, it messes with your head. I’m not sure if I met a clinical diagnosis, but I was starting to feel very, deeply sad.


Thank the Universe for Functional Nutrition

I started working with a practitioner from the functional health space, full of hope that this would be the one that healed me. I completed some functional lab tests which revealed the actual root cause of my issues: I had multiple parasites in my gut, SIBO, C.Diff, Candida, I had destroyed my gut lining, thyroid issues, sensitivities to nearly every food I was putting close to my mouth, tanked out cortisol, pretty much no hormones, a stressed liver and excessive oxidation (ageing) going on internally  – my body was on the Bullet train to an autoimmune disease and shutting down.     


After two rounds of a 60 Day Protocol I was symptom-free with my test results back in range. I felt less symptomatic and healthier than I had for years and it was such a relief. Especially after I had seen so many health professionals who said there was nothing wrong with me, or tried to help with one symptom, never looking for the root cause of my problems. And no, laxative and more fibre were not going to cut it… not even close.


I Found My Calling

Throughout my own healing journey I realised that I wasn’t the only one suffering and that there were many others who had fallen through the cracks and needed the help I had received. It’s the worst feeling to know you are running out of options for help; that you feel horrible and nobody seems to believe you or know what to do. So with my science background and personal experience driving my passion for gut health, I completed further study to take my knowledge to the next level and become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner.    


I have made the transition from living in London, UK back to the Sunshine Coast, Australia. I must say, the sunshine is awesome and it is a great place to call home-base. That said, I have this crazy travel-bug (the good kind!) that drives me to explore the world, even though I know that a lot of my health challenges have arisen from such adventures. I now know much smarter ways to protect myself when travelling and I’ll share these with you as I continue to explore the world.


I hope my story gives you the courage to share yours and reach out for the help you need. If this sounds like you, then I am all kinds of excited for you and the healing journey you are about to begin. Read more about how you can work with me HERE.


With much love and healthy wishes,


FDN Practitioner Bella Lindemann

I am a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner specialising in digestive health and health issues associated with travel. I’ve done my time at university, having completed a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Occupational Therapy.


After completing further postgraduate studies in nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to compliment my FDN training, I now help women from all over the world overcome their digestive health issues. Eight years of education, seven years experience as a therapist and five of personal health issues (see above) means I have confidence that we can work together to overcome your health challenges.


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