Choc Mint Slice Paleo Vegan

Choc Mint Slice

Looking for a cooling summer sweet treat to share at your next gathering? Then I have a minty-fresh option that is chilled, light and delicious. Did I mention it’s paleo and vegan? So no grains, gluten, legumes, dairy or eggs in this one. This choc mint slice is great for all of the gut-healers out there and will take you next to no time to prepare using only a blender. Enjoy this slice for dessert on a hot and steamy summers day.


Apple Berry Crumble Recipe Allergy Friendly Gluten Dairy Nut Grain Egg Free

Paleo AIP Apple Berry Crumble

If you’re looking for a sweet treat on Christmas morning that will feed the whole family, including those with digestive issues, then look no further than this Paleo-AIP friendly Apple Berry Crumble. It’s grain, dairy, legume, egg, nightshade, nut and seed-free and has also been husband tested, passing with flying colours!


Choc Banana Nut Cake Recipe

Choc-Banana Nutty Freezer Cake

This is probably one of the simplest, and most delicious dessert recipes you can make this summer. And the good news? It’s gluten free and vegan! Great for all of the gut-healers out there, or for those who want a sweet treat, without all the refined sugar. This freezer cake works well at a warm summer BBQ or in our case, my brother’s 30th birthday bash. I hope you enjoy eating it as much as we did!


Fruity Chia Pudding Paleo Vegan Gluten Dairy Free

Fruity Chia Pudding

Chia puddings for breakfast anyone?  If I have a hectic week ahead, pre-made chia puddings or smoothies are my go-to brekky of choice.  Prep them with your favourite fruits on Sunday and you are good to go for the week!


lemon tart paleo gluten dairy free

Paleo Lemon Tart

If life gives you lemons, make a paleo lemon tart! There is a lot of love for all things lemon in our family. Particularly the baked goods variety. This recipe needs a fair bit of honey and coconut sugar so it’s not recommended for anyone with inflammation or who is in the early phases of a gut healing protocol. But it is gluten and dairy free, paleo and SCD-friendly, so for everyone else, eat up!


Hummingbird Cake Recipe Egg Dairy Gluten Free Vegan Allergy

Allergy Friendly Hummingbird Cake

Another celebration means another recipe creation! It was Father’s Day here in Australia over the weekend just gone and Dad requested a challenge – Hummingbird Cake with lots of thick and creamy icing… So I delivered the gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, low-FODMAP and vegan version – just ’cause you’re gut healing, doesn’t mean you can’t eat cake! And of course, it had to be delicious – Dad has a sweet tooth, after all.


Allergy Friendly Cupcake Jaffa Espresso Egg Dairy Gluten Free Vegan

Allergy Friendly Jaffa (or Espresso) Cupcakes

We were back on the gluten, dairy and egg-free baking bandwagon this week for my gorgeous Mumma’s birthday – cupcakes were her request. We came up with a recipe that can be modified for the jaffa or espresso lovers out there. Or, you can just make them both!


Cookies Allergy Friendly

Allergy Friendly Cookies – Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free!

I am a sucker for the challenge of gluten, dairy and egg-free baking, creating options for my clients who are on gut-healing protocols. So, the next delicacy I wanted to conquer is the chewy and moist oatmeal cookie alternative that helps heal your gut with the addition of gelatin.  I like mine plain and simple with… a turmeric latte of course!


Egg-Free Baking Guide Subsitute

The Beginner’s Guide to Egg-Free Baking

Rock-cakes suck. And when it comes to allergy-friendly baking, it’s not just the gluten-free flour making life difficult. Whether you’re vegan, allergic or intolerant, baking without eggs is a challenge for achieving the right taste and texture that will test even the most seasoned master chef. But it’s a challenge that can be won. So I wanted to share everything I’ve learnt over the last decade, through trial and (lots of) error to make the transition to egg-free baking an enjoyable and eggcellent experience!


Pancakes Egg Gluten Dairy Free

Allergy Friendly Pancakes – Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free!

It is safe to say that pancakes are by far my favourite breakfast food. Growing up, we would hit Mum up for pancakes at all special occasions – birthdays, christmas, school holidays, weekends, hump day, Fridays… This basically meant that I had to nail a gluten, dairy and egg-free recipe ASAP.  Here is an oldie, but a goodie, the world’s easiest allergy-friendly pancake recipe.