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IBS Exercises

IBS Exercises: The best options for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Is exercise good for irritable bowel syndrome (or its root causes)? What IBS exercises work best? Can too much exercise trigger IBS symptoms? These are just a few of the questions I regularly get from clients who are completing a gut healing protocol. It’s something I struggled with on my own journey and is something I’m passionate about educating my clients and readers on. And while IBS itself should not be considered a real diagnosis, the symptoms and impact of exercise experienced by those ‘diagnosed’ are very real. Here’s what I’ve learned over the years when it comes to exercise and IBS symptoms.


Gut Health Resolutions 2018

10 Gut Health Resolutions for 2018

If you’re looking for some healthy new year’s resolutions that are more than the cliché ‘eat better’ and ‘join a gym’, healing your gut might just be the best place to start. With a growing list of chronic conditions linked to the health of your gut, getting it sorted in 2018 could pay off for years to come.


IBS Elimination Diet

5 signs you’ve been on an IBS elimination diet for too long

As a functional nutritionist working with women suffering from IBS, I frequently use elimination diets as a clinical tool to help identify potential underlying causes of digestive stress and also as part of my holistic treatment protocols. Lots of my clients come to me having already placed themselves on some form of dietary restriction or elimination for a long time that helps to manage their symptoms, not aware of the long-term damage they could be doing.


Side Effects of Probiotics

Side effects of probiotics: What to do if they make IBS symptoms worse

For those with IBS or other digestive symptoms, taking a probiotic supplement or eating fermented, probiotic-rich foods sounds like a great idea. After all, we know how important having a healthy and diverse microbiome is to our gut, and overall health. But probiotics don’t initially work for a number of my clients and can often make symptoms worse in the short-term for those with significant gut dysfunction or bacterial dysbiosis. So, what are the side effects of probiotics and what should you do if probiotics are making your IBS symptoms worse?!


Foods for constipation relief

Foods for Constipation Relief: Dietary Laxatives to Keep Things Moving

Constipation is a condition that affects 10-20% of the population, most of whom suffer in silence. And while chronic constipation is a symptom of more serious underlying gut dysfunction, keeping the bowels moving and pooping while identifying and treating the underlying root cause is a critical part of the healing journey. Fortunately, there are natural foods for constipation relief.


LA Los Angeles Healthy Eats Gut Friendly IBS

Los Angeles Healthy Eats – IBS Gut-Friendly Edition

While I was writing my healthy eating guide to Los Angeles for meandmytravelbugs.com (coming soon), I thought that an IBS gut-friendly edition would be helpful for those who have IBS and love to travel as much as I do. I’ve created it mainly because eating ‘healthy’ doesn’t always mean gut-friendly for those with IBS symptoms. Anyone with SIBO who’s ever eaten a raw salad and kombucha will know what I mean.


Gut Brain Axis Anxiety Depression IBS

Anxiety, Depression and Gut Health: It’s Not All in Your Head

Studies have shown that as many as half of those with IBS, also suffer from psychological disorders including anxiety and depression. And while many sufferers have been told their gut symptoms are ‘all in their head’ (including me at one point), science has recently discovered the relationship might actually be the other way around. What’s happening in your gut, directly affects what’s happening in the brain, your mood and how you respond to stress.


Safe Foods to Eat IBS

Safe Foods to Eat When Everything Upsets Your Gut

For those with IBS type symptoms, meal times can be a bit of a nightmare. If you’ve ever thought or said, “If I eat that, I’ll look 6 months pregnant within 30 minutes” or “If I eat that, I’ll be on the toilet within an hour” I completely get it. And it sucks! All of a sudden food becomes the enemy and choosing ‘safe’ options means a very limited diet. At one point, I was down to chicken or fish with steamed vegetables and olive oil for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dee-licious. But seriously, not cool for me or my microbiome.